“It's good to stay at the hotel. Very clean. Sleeping at night is also very quiet. Clean up the toilet and trash cans every morning.

There is an electric heating kettle. Free bottled water, easy to eat. There are a lot of good food nearby. It's delicious, and the bank is nearby. Convenient for withdrawals. It is worth staying at a very good value. Thank you for your good faith management” 

Review posted May 2021


Swimming Pool

“The swimming pool was awesome”

Review June 2021

“Small hotel yet with nice pool and jacuzzi. Quiet and private spot. Bird’s eyes view of the town nearby.“

Review May 2021

“During weekdays, the pool was quite private and beautiful - both in the day and night.”

Review August 2020


Superior Room

“Thk you over all it was good esp the cosy room and excellent shower 🙏”

Review posted March 2021


Skylight Room

“Nice room w a loft ceiling. Interesting.”

Review posted May 2021


Signature Corner Room

“Location in heritage area and the traditional style of the hotel with quaint corner room “

Review posted Nov 2021


Signature Triple Room

“Good location, easy to eat around, have your own parking! The room is relatively large and cost-effective.

The surrounding environment is better, and the room is not noisy at night. Overall feels good!”

Review Posted Dec 2019


Balcony Garden Room

“love that there’s balcony and bathtub.”

Review Posted Sept 2021